Riguardo a noi
Printitalia nasce dal l’intuizione di 4 imprenditori che hanno sposato un obiettivo comune: diffondere con un marchio Made in Italia la cultura del l’eccellenza e evoluzione nel mondo della comunicazione visiva. Una sfida importante in un mercato ormai molto appiattito e abituato alle classiche soluzioni
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WORK TIME: 09:00 - 17:00
FIND US: Milano - V.le G. Sasso, 11
CONTACT: +39 02 29413852

Everything is simpler

With Printitalia, moving from the need to the final product is really quicker. You will finally have a single point of contact for a wide range of services and products.

Many abilities for a single value

The pursuit of excellence is the mission of Printitalia. Pure evolution of the ``to be printed`` communication in every industrial field.

The best support

All our experts, always available, to face challenges that were previously unthinkable. Experimentation and evolution to really leave the mark on your market.

Common goals

We carry out projects to make them unique and effective. Your result is the best gratification for us. This is because we will become successful partners!

You've never seen before

Printitalia aims at originality for any project and has therefore become the reference of entrepreneurs in full development of the company.

Time value

Thanks to the high innovation instruments we can guarantee very short times for the production of highly complex printed matter.

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Identification of customer or agency needs

Project improvement

Support for choosing the most suitable materials and printing techniques for the project.

Final print

Use of our available technologies for effective and high quality printed materials.

Attilio Posa


After his studies in Business Administration and an experience in consulting, he dedicated himself to the family business, focusing on commercial development. He is determined and curious. His strong point is his wife Carla and his twins Maria and Nicole. He loves cooking and playing tennis.

Luca Lombardo


His dynamism and skills make him assume a pivotal role in our sector. His stubbornness will allow him to give more, considering the current developments of his company. His training at the European level and the profound knowledge of analog and digital printing systems enabled him to establish himself in the field of prepress and digital printing.

Vito Alberto Favia

Arti grafiche Favia

A life to chase a wedged ball that suddenly disappears. And here the agonistic and competitive vision of sport is poured on an intense and muscular approach even in working life. Perfectionist, never fully satisfied, dynamic, seduced by the continuous research like, Diotima of Mantinea, the son of Penia and Poro.

The value of Printitalia is the counseling

The value of Printitalia is the counseling offered by its technicians specialized in innovative printing techniques. A technical and creative counseling that before any printing phase allows you to get a real ``reason`` to use and select the one that will really serve to achieve the pre-established objectives.

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